Contract Sterilization

Moist Heat Steam, Dry heat, and Depyrogenation Services

Prince Sterilization is a contract sterilization services provider that specializes in moist heat steam and dry heat sterilization and depyrogenation services.  At Prince you will find a full suite of sterilization related support to our customers including development/feasibility, validation, and routine processing cycles. Our expert staff is ready to provide case-by-case consultation support when needed. Click here to download a brochure or continue reading below to learn more about our products and services.

  • Terminal Sterilization of Drug Products
    • It is a regulatory requirement that drug products that can withstand terminal sterilization be terminally sterilized
    • Steam sterilization is the sterilization method of choice
    • We offer full product support. Development/Feasibility, Engineering, Validation, and Commercial
    • Terminal sterilization of liquids in sealed vessels (aseptically filled drug products in vials, IV bags, syringes, blow-fill-seal technologies, and others)
  • Moist heat steam sterilization (pulse pre-vac, gravity, and air-over-pressure)
    • Plastic bottles and tubing
    • Glass vials
    • Stoppers and seals
    • Cell culture bags
    • Manufacturing equipment (scissors, hemostats, forceps, etc.)
  • Dry heat sterilization
    • Heat resistant drug products and other materials
    • Liquids in sealed containers/ampoules
  • Depyrogenation
    • Glass vials
    • Manufacturing/process equipment (e.g. stainless steel)
  • Water for injection (WFI) rinsing
    • Rinsing of materials such as seals, stoppers, and glass vials with WFI prior to sterilization or depyrogenation.
    • Prince Advantage™ Our process lowers bioburden, particulate and endotoxin levels as well as removing stubborn and potentially inhibitory residues.