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SteriKit® Family of Products

Every SteriKit® is certified by Prince as sterile, pyrogen and particulate free (USP <71>, <85> & <788>). Seals are certified as sterile. Our kits are customer friendly, customizable, and ready to use!

SteriKit® Family of Products

Contract Sterilization Services

Steam, dry heat, and depyrogenation

Pharmaceutical quality moist heat steam and dry heat sterilization and depyrogenation contract services

Contract Sterilization Services

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The Prince SteriKit®

Ready to use vials, seals & stoppers

Our Services

Moist heat steam sterilization
(pulse pre-vac, gravity, and air-over-pressure)

Plastic bottles and tubing

Glass vials

Stoppers and seals

Cell culture bags

Manufacturing equipment (scissors, hemostats, forceps, etc.)

Terminal sterilization of liquids in sealed vessels (aseptically filled drug products in vials, IV bags, syringes, blow-fill-seal technologies, and others)

Dry heat sterilization

Heat resistant drug products and other materials

Liquids in sealed containers/ampoules


Glass vials

Manufacturing/process equipment (e.g. stainless steel)

Water for injection (WFI) rinsing

Rinsing of materials such as seals, stoppers, and glass vials with WFI prior to sterilization or depyrogenation.

Prince Advantage™ Our process lowers bioburden, particulate and endotoxin levels as well as removing stubborn and potentially inhibitory residues.

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